We Are Moving…To a New Domain!

We Are Moving…To a New Domain!

Web-addresses aren’t complete without their suffixes. These are important indicators of a company’s regional operations or the domain of its expertise. Thus, being a tech company with global ambitions, we needed to rethink our very own web-address.

.in -> India only (?)
.com -> Global (?)
.tech -> Global tech company (?)

In our current phase of expansion, the “.in suffix doesn’t do us justice. And the “.com suffix doesn’t capture our ethos. So here’s our new address.

Servify.in is now Servify.tech

Not only is the domain change a reflection of our prosperity but an echo of our true DNA – technology. Our platform empowers service solutions for the biggest and most exciting brands. And we will continue to strive for bigger milestones.

Here’s how we are ensuring that our interaction remains uninterrupted.

Switch So Smooth, You Won’t Even Notice

To ensure a smooth transition, if you are visiting our website using the URL www.servify.in, you will simply be redirected to www.servify.tech. That’s it!

Let’s Stay Connected

You can now reach us on the following email addresses:
• For Business Queries: hello@servify.tech
• For Careers & Jobs: gang@servify.tech
• If you wish to write an email to our employees, remember to change john.d@servify.in to john.d@servify.tech!

Wish to reach us for feedback or complaints?
• If you are in India, you can write to us at support@servify.tech
• If you are in USA, you can send us a mail on us_support@servify.tech

Help Us – Help You!

Our team is working on moving all our web-pages to the .tech domain. In the meanwhile, if you come across any broken links you can write to us on support@servify.tech and we’ll take care of it!