Welcoming New Partner In Our Journey – Beenext

Welcoming New Partner In Our Journey – Beenext

Around this time last year, we started Servify with an ambitious dream to radically change the way OEMs & Brands deliver customer service to owners of personal gadgets and home appliances. We launched the first version of our product early this year and from that point of time it has been an exciting journey for all of us.

In the last few months, through multiple discussions with our customers & OEM partners, our vision has moved beyond just service management and has evolved towards device lifecycle ownership. It’s much bigger than what we started with and we’re excited to seize the opportunity.

Today, I am glad to announce that we have a new partner who believes in our vision and our execution – Beenext. I’m happy to share that we have raised Pre-Series A investment from Blume Ventures (who are leading this investment and had also backed us in our seed round), Beenext, and existing investors Barkawi Holdings GmbH and TM Service Technology Holdings Gmbh. Along with everyone else, I have participated in this investment round in my personal capacity.

I have always believed that great teams with flawless execution will help a company achieve its vision, and we are very fortunate to have this great team together. Servify is proud to have experts from fields such as Technology, Service, Business & Partnerships and Marketing joining us this year.

From the first version of our commercial product launch in March this year, we now have over half a million devices managed on the Servify technology and service platform. We continue to integrate with more OEMs, Brands, Resellers and Service Providers to deliver our promise of an empowering device lifecycle ownership.

Onwards & Upwards!