Transforming device lovers into Green Warriors

Transforming device lovers into Green Warriors


Current EOL device ecosystem is skewed towards open market malpractices. Servify wanted to create awareness about benefits of environmentally safe recycling process and create winning strategies to engage iPhone owners to participate in safe eRecycling process.

Servify Approach

  • Servify envisioned a complete App and Web based tech solution which enabled device owners to pledge their devices in future or create request to send their devices for safe eRecycling. “The Green Warriors” who choose to participate in the program were rewarded with benefits.
  • Consumers could get their EOL device picked up from their doorstep or find a drop-off point to deliver their devices. The entire process was transparent and could be tracked through specially designed App and Website.
  • The devices were validated with the help of deep integration with OEMs for their genuineness. Consumer were given genuine certificate of destruction post the safe recycling.


Approx 50,000 consumers were engaged and educated about safe eRecycling and ~3% users further registered for the program.