What is e-Waste

Any discarded piece of electronic equipment is e-waste. And consumer demand for the latest electronic devices contributes to large amounts of e-waste. Mobile phones specifically are the biggest problem. In 2016, the United Nations estimated annual global e-waste to be about 44.7 million metric tons.

There won’t be a slowdown in this number growing exponentially. When these products are dumped or incinerated, they release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - And so does making those products in the first place! We want to change this scenario, as most modern electronic devices are composed of heavy metals which cannot be disintegrated easily and may prove toxic to the environment.

Why contact us for treating e-Waste?

E-waste, if not treated under proper care, is the reason for various medical and environmental hazards. Informal players today deal with a lot of health and social issues while treating e-waste. It is, therefore, recommended to hand over your e-waste to authorised e-waste dismantlers and recyclers only. Scientific disposal of e-waste is another benefactor in reducing environmental pollution. Over and above, it is a wonderfully designed and economical resource that saves energy and prevents pollution.

Servify’s Solution

Since Servify is on a mission to build the smartest After-sales Service Platform, we are fully embracing our responsibility of treating EOL devices. These devices can no longer be dumped and forgotten and our new partnerships are part of our evolution. We have a reliable partner to be our e-waste management vendor and we shall work with other stakeholders to ensure a seamless process is implemented to treat e-waste.

How to handle the e-Waste keeping safety in mind?

Please ensure that old and obsolete products are kept separately. E-waste should not be allowed to be disposed off in the same Municipal Solid Waste/Garbage Bins. Please always ensure to give away your e-waste to the responsible hands only, may be the producers or manufacturers or the e-waste managers.

Servify has partnered with PROEPR to help you recycle e-waste responsibly.PROEPR has collection centers across various cities in India. Please click here to view the collection centers.

In case of any queries, you can call our Toll free number 1 800 123 333 888 or write to us on support@servify.tech

How would an effective e-Waste Management Plan help?

An effective e-waste management program has drastic impact on the way we can dispose EOL devices. In the long run, it will ensure a cleaner and greener future for us. While we are proactively approaching this issue head-on, we will be working with all our partners to ensure e-waste is managed correctly and responsibly.

As an active player in the device ownership experience that is committed to its circular economy approach, Servify will actively work to address the e-waste trend.

Dos & Don'ts:


Always look for information on the catalogue with your product for end-of-life equipment handling.

The equipment should be handed over only to the authorised Recycler for disposal.

Keep the equipment in an isolated designated area after it becomes non-functional or unrepairable in order to prevent its accidental breakage.


Any e-waste should not be opened by the user himself/herself, but only by authorised service personnel.

E-waste is not meant for re-sale in any form, whatsoever, to any unauthorized agencies/scrap dealer/kabadiwalas.

Such e-waste should not be mixed with general household scrap and waste.

Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) or components from the e-waste in an exposed area.